Big Data solutions for SQL Server

Anfragen und Lösungen, die per SQL-Script zu lösen sind und von Anwendern entwickelt oder von Dienstleistern zur Verfügung gestellt wurden

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Big Data solutions for SQL Server

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Big Data is large amount of the data which is difficult or impossible for traditional relational database. Big data, the term has seen increasing use since the past few years. In this field, we review the various ways that big data is described and how Hadoop which is developed as a technology, is commonly used to process big data. In addition, we introduce Microsoft HDInsight, an implementation of Hadoop available as a Windows Azure service. Then we explore Microsoft PolyBase, an on-premises solution that integrates relational data stored in MICROSOFT SQL SERVER Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) with non-relational data stored in a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

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